Boat Trip / Fishing Day

The company Anerousses, in the context of the provided hosting services, has developed collaborations with renowned professionals of the island, offering you magical activities during your holidays. The boat trip is one of the most beautiful sea activities which will offer you unique moments of relaxation.

You can plan a unique boat trip to enchanting destinations overlooking the endless blue. Explore the wonderful sights of Mykonos and gain access to secret destinations that can’t be done from land.

Fishing Day

Fishing is a great activity to spend relaxing moments. Whether you want to enjoy the blue of the sea by yourself, or you want to spend beautiful and quality time with your family, the fishing day is what you are looking for. Always complying with all safety standards and using high quality boats, we will help you spend some unforgettable moments on our island.

The best time to start your boat trip is early in the morning. That’s when you will find most fish. But we do not forget that you are on vacation, so there is no pressure in terms of time. Our goal is to offer you maximum relaxation by combining it with a beautiful activity.

Why choose a boat trip?

Mykonos is one of the most cosmopolitan islands in Greece. However, apart from the night life and the impressive beach bars, Mykonos has beautiful landscapes and wonderful attractions. However, accessing them is not always easy. Choosing a boat trip gives you the opportunity to explore destinations you could not otherwise.

In addition, summer vacations are the best way to create beautiful memories that will accompany you throughout your life. So, by choosing to go on a boat trip and try fishing with your friends or family, you will create wonderful memories that you will hold forever.

We will take care to guide you and help you gain the best experiences.

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