Greek Nights - Cuisine

It is not possible to visit Mykonos and not attend the wonderful Greek nights. Besides, all the social events in our country revolve around good company, beautiful music and of course the wonderful flavours of Greek cuisine.

Respecting the tradition, where Greek nights are a key part of it, we regularly try to organize such events where you will be able to enjoy a unique experience. Music, drink, dance and excellent gastronomic choices that will take you to all parts of Greece. Besides, the night entertainment of Greece is famous all over the world.

What do Greek nights include?

As mentioned above, the Greek nights organized by the company Anerousses are characterized by the wonderful moments of fun that they will offer you. Their main feature is of course Greek music while we try to organize events with a live orchestra for even greater pleasure. In addition, you are given the opportunity to experience up close the Greek way of entertainment, which is also famous worldwide.

What does Greek cuisine include?

Food has been shown to bring people closer. Our goal is to create a pleasant environment that will help you have fun and at the same time try delicious local flavours. Our buffet includes a wide variety of genuine Greek dishes that will surely impress you. In fact, accompanied by a glass of good Greek wine, the delicious experience you will get will stay forever in your memories.

So do not miss the opportunity to attend a traditional Greek night where dancing, music and food will give you one of the best experiences of your life. What we can guarantee you is that the fun will continue until the early morning hours.

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