Horse Riding in Mykonos

Horse riding is a great way to escape from your daily routine and get closer to nature. And all this through beautiful and picturesque paths on the back of a horse. One of the most beautiful activities offered by our company. Our goal is to ensure the most beautiful experiences during your vacation on our island.

Horse riding is a noble sport that allows you to keep your emotions under control. The rider must be constantly vigilant to monitor the horse’s behavior and at the same time the environment next to him. But our goal is not to include you in the sport of riding, but to combine this wonderful activity with a unique tour of beautiful places in Mykonos. A way that will offer you a peace of mind and of course plenty of fun.

After all, if you want to enjoy to the fullest the beautiful landscapes of the island, the car should be your last choice.

Why choose horse riding?

The benefits of horse riding are enormous. As mentioned above, it is a fun way to get to know the beautiful paths of Mykonos. However, this is not the only reason to choose it. If you are visiting our island with your family, this activity will help you get closer and create beautiful memories.

After all, riding a horse is one of the best experiences any child would want to have. We make sure to put it into practice. We are following all safety rules and the ride will take place under the guidance of experienced and specialized professionals.

Finally, we must not forget that riding is also an excellent form of exercise. The ancient Greeks called for a healthy mind and a healthy body. So riding offers you both, as it will offer you a peace of mind and at the same time it will train your body.

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